Gallery talks and writing workshop
accompanying the exhibition"Unterbrochene Karrieren-Partnerschaften" (Interrupted Careers-Partnerships)
December 2001 - August 2002
Concept and realisation: Nanna Lüth / Carmen Mörsch, Kunstcoop©

Another Kunstcoop©-project were the gallery talks/writing workshop which Carmen Mörsch and I did for the exhibition series "Interrupted Careers - Partnerships". Each ot the 3 exhibitions showed work of a couple of male artists where one of the partners had died from AIDS and his partner was involved in the design of the exhibition of their works (Ull Hohn / Tom Burr, Jochen Klein / Wolfgang Tillmans, Piotr Nathan / Matt Ranger).

We invited different groups of people active in the fields of sexual politics or AIDS activism. Each group visited each of the exhibitions. At the end of the exhibition series, we offered a writing workshop for all participants who were interested to continue the exchange on Arts and HIV/AIDS, which aimed at a collaborative publication.

The whole process lasted about one year, form, content, title of the broschure were negotiated within the group. Carmen Mörsch and I offered our conceptual and graphic skills to create a plattform for critical reviews on the exhibition, biographical stories, own artistic productions and publicity for the initiatives the people came from.

Meeting of the writing workshop at the NGBK

The broschure with the title "Nimm ein Kondom, Du Arschloch" ("Use a condom, you asshole", see picture on the left) can be taken as a visibility project corresponding with the aims of the group curating "Unterbrochene Karrieren/ Interrupted careers".

The magazine can be ordered for free at or

By the end of 2002 we did readings in hospitals, the Schwule (= Gay) Museum and other places. (see flyer on the right hand side).