"A question of control"
Art mediation for the exhibition of the RealismusStudio"Applied (In)Security" (Angewandte (Un)Sicherheit)
Gallery talks, workshops, public iris-research
May -.June 2002
Concept and realization: Nanna Lüth, Kunstcoop©

The exhibition with the subtitle "Networked societies between communication, surveillance and artistic freedom" presented 3 positions, who dealt with questions of data protection, the manipulation of informations in the internet and with computer games.

More about the exhibition: www.angewandte-unsicherheit.de.

My art mediating project developed in four phases:
1) Gallery talks with different participants (see below)
2) Two practical workshops: -"Tales on technique" and "A question of control" >>
3) "Irisresearch" at SOX36 >>
4) Online Publishing of the results of "iris research" >>

Gallery talks "Applied (In)Security" (Angewandte (Un) Sicherheit)

in the exhibition space NGBK Oranienstr. 25, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Class of Herrmann Hesse secondary school
Gender seminar of the University of Arts Berlin

Practical workshops

Open workshop "A question of control"
May and June 2002
in cooperation with the Center for Youth and Culture Naunynritze
An animation workshop for women for four weeks took place in the computerlab of the Center for Youth and Culture Naunynritze.
After an intensive discussion about the exhibition and the own experiences with In/Securities in the internet or with electronic discount systemswe decided for the principle of productive self empowerment (see the article - in german - Rena Tangens "Netzwerken. Macht kommt von Machen").

The participants designed parallel to an technical introduction to"Flash"-programming narrative and visual concepts and started realizing their animated comments to the issues of "applied in/security".
By the end of the workshopthe group planned a public action and presentation of their works.

>> to the "Irisresearch"

Workshop for girls"Tales about technique"
in june 2002 in cooperation with the Youth Center Aßmannshauser Straße

"Tales about technique" was a workshop for girls at the Youth Center Aßmannshauser Straße. I propoded the theme of video surveillance as a familiar illustrative example of security system to the girls. With digital photographs they produced a storyboard, digitally edited and animated the images.