if, or, else or the other condition
calculating the intersection of logic, informatics and gender codes

(19.26 every human is female or male)

if, or, else or the other condition may be understood as a continuation of Life as operating system. Now, the questions will aim at the possible interferences between logical rules, programming language and gender codes (in theory as in lived practice).

To start with the deconstruction of both fields I invented a method for applying the standard criteria of one on the other and vice versa. The central questions of my master thesis at the institute fo art in context were: 1) Are algorithms gendered? (literal translation: Does an algorithm have a gender?) 2) Is gender calculable?


I invited media artists in Graz for the first interviews at esc im Labor (on the occasion of the exhibtion of DLAB).
Some of them asked for more information during the process and chances for interaction with the material to be collected. I liked this idea of a more collaborative project very much, so soon there will be examples from the conversations on this website to be commented upon or completed with other visual or audible materials by the interviewed.

I am continuing the interviews with computer workers, technicians, scientists, gender specialists and others who are interested to relate digital production with the construction of gender codes and to discuss "biographical operations", the influence of both "components" on the personal biography and ways of transgressing dichotomies. If you are interested in this, please contact me: na_lueth@web.de.

Another focus of this work is the visualization of the code; to compare their aesthetic with their conceptual value and to look for
gaps, paradoxa and open ends as a starting point for change or transgression.

if, or, else or the other condition
collection of logical formulas and codes to be inspected

logic informatics biography gender sexuology

esc im Labor
Gertrude Moser-Wagner Doris Jauk-Hinz
Reni Hofmüller Eva Ursprung
cym Marusa Sagadin, Nicole A. Pruckermayr