photography/installation, 2000

The photographs show students from the project area »city and gender« of the International Womens University (ifu) in their rooms in Kassel, where they stayed for 3 month in summer. The women on these picture - architects, urban planners, sociologists... - deal professionally with the organization of public and private spaces. How do these women organize a temporary living space and how does such an environment affect them?

Victoria Hegner, ethnologist
Eisenhammerstraße 18, Berlin, Germany

Sublets, landlords, homesickness and hasty moves kept some of the students busy and reminded me the basic significance of a room to stay for living, working, for notions of space and home.
After something like one and a half months I started this project. I staged images, which left clues to the transitory nature of the living situation. I used pieces of luggage, which were actually laying around or brought into the image as hidden signs for the long journeys of the women.
The obviously held poses of some of the portrayed women reflect on experiences of self-consciousness in a given setting.

Michaeline Tsotetsi, political analyst
Mönchebergstraße21b, R.107, Johannesburg, South Africa

The home
visits in different parts of Kassel - most of the accomodations were located in the periphery - at the highly qualified, female junior elite caused in me associations to the "home stories" about starts or aristocrats; media models, which did not go along with the often limited, nonglamourous rooms.

Yan-Yang Peng, regional planner
Kohlenstraße 105, R.413, Chengdu, China

The subtitles of the images are substantial to the work, mix the adresses in Kassel (street) with the home adress (city, nation) of the portrayed women to mark a dislocation.
The sometimes merely visible contrast between inhabitants and their german environment confront the traces of gradual appropriation of the spaces. A moment of reciprocal exchange between subject and context.
The private space, here the background for academic work, is published.

Swati Banerjee, social scientist
Dörnbergstraße 18, Mumbai, India