Life as operating system
Audiovisual report of a research in the real world

Graz 2002/03

Life as operating system argues with the effects of intensive work on the computer on perception, language and mode of living. It actually consists of two parts: a real world research in Graz, Austria and a playful translation into a media narrative. I interviewed and portrayed computer workers with different professional backgrounds ( 3D-visuals, architecture, gamedesign, informatics, music, statistics...), to reflect on to notions of reality and its shiftings.

From the collected audio material I edited three sound pieces with the following titles:
1) enter, shift or talking with the computer
2) copy-paste, undo, control or the influence of commands on the way of thinking
3) space, escape or living conditions in cyberspace

It developed into a sketch for a soundmap, where users can play with audio cuts and make them overlap. (.swf, 556 KB) . The layering of the voices reflects the complex, intuitive working process and the ambivalent outcome of the research.

In the exhibition takeOFF1 in april/may 2003 a DLAB-working space was installed, where videoportaits were presented along with a new interview cut abou the influence on working conditions.
(audio-download, .mov 1,5 MB, 11 min)

12 color prints of professional desktops neighboured the DLAB-desktop.
18 Desktops
6 Examples from the collection
orhan kipcak, information designer andrea possaner, student of architecture
helmut poeltl, competent official ute weihmüller, competent official
hans reicht , head of communication at the fire department rober adrian x, artist