Bioportraits - public action and screenings at "Berliner Fenster", the public transport TV
part of the
Kunstcoop© art mediation of Ambient Green by Gertrud Fischbacher on the underground station Alexanderplatz
September - December 2002
Idea and realization: Nanna Lüth
Camera: Frank Werner

videoportrait of a dog in front of an AMBIENT GREEN - house

The installation AMBIENT GREEN (12.09.- 08.12.2002) by Gertrud Fischbacher was projected to construct an atmospherical space. With a special lighting concept the platform of the underground line nr. 2 (Ruhleben-Pankow) was temporarily set up as a biosphere to welcome the passers by. 12 digital prints created green "windows" behind the rails.
Former train dispatcher stations were changed into imaginary greenhouses. The action "Bioportraits" on saturday 09/21/2002 translated the idea of the transformation of a common daily urban area into an artificial natural area and involved the passengers.
Using the transluzenten AMBIENT GREEN - foils and the green light as a backdrop, the passengers were challenged to allow themselves for a minute of calm in front of a running camera on a very busy saturday and to possibly think of a plant. After the take, we took notes of the botanical name.

 > Bioportraits (1,8 MB .mov)
photography: Waltraud M. Weiland

37 portraits of individuals and groups were taken, at the same time directing the attention towards AMBIENT GREEN. Very different people were present on the platform this day. A selection of the ”Bioportraits” was braodcast by "Berliner Fenster - the public transport TV" as an announcement of the installation AMBIENT GREEN.